Deficiencies in the US Soccer Referee Organizations

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Futbology LLC is a software company that provides referee management and payment solutions with integrated risk-management features that will allow for an state and local organizations to be federally compliant.

Executive Summary

We are striving to build an innovative hub in the effort to support the rapid growth within the US Soccer industry. The support will come with technology that connects an organization from a top-to-bottom approach using real time data tools and algorithmic programming.

The overall goal as a country is to develop homegrown soccer players to win a World Cup in the coming years, but in order to do that there is a sector which also has to grow in parallel; That is the refereeing community.

During the past 5 years in which we have experience a steady growth in soccer games and referees. There has been an operations restructure at the professional level within the MLS(Major League Soccer) and PRO(Professional Referee Organization), which has placed pressure to both team and referee organizations at state and local levels. Our focus and goal is to assist referee organizations refereed as “State Associations” to overcome the existing problems prior to the restructure at the top and to also work at par with those that are helping teams.

There is an underlying problem that I have identified which is what motivated me to venture out and start Futbology LLC. That problem is the disconnect that exists across various league administrations within a “State Association” and through cost effective software and market growth strategies this can be solved. The underlying problem has branched out into three other problems that are evident across all State Associations:

  1. Referee retention & Growth
  2. Operating Efficacy
  3. Financial Stability

The only universal sentiment in soccer; everybody hates him. (The Referee)

Eduardo Galeano, Soccer in Sun and Shadow

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